Shirley Noelle Vancil



ABOUT ME: I grew up in Widefield attending elementary, middle and high school there.  I graduated from UCCS with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and went on to get my Master of Arts from Adams State University in School Counseling.  I am licensed as a School Counselor through the Colorado Department of Education and a licensed professional counselor (LPC) through the state of Colorado.  I am also a Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NBCC).  My passion for working with children in academic, social and mental health areas has encouraged me to push my boundaries and I recently obtained a certificate from Capella University for Play Therapy.  I am collecting experience hours under supervision toward becoming a Registered Play Therapist (RPT).  It is no surprise that my love for helping others has brought me to the counseling field and I could not imagine doing anything else. 


WHAT I BELIEVE: I have no greater passion than helping children and teenagers be their best selves.  I know that it takes a village and I am a prime example for the success of this philosophy.  I believe that children can only be successful if they are taught resiliency, coping skills and are supported in all aspects of their lives from many different systems.  

HOW I DO WHAT I DO: I incorporate play therapy techniques, cognitive behavioral techniques, art, talk, walk and any approach that I feel is a good fit for your child.  I am open to all approaches of therapy and I enjoy trying new things in order to meet the needs of my kids.  I have a holistic perspective, meaning I believe that each area of a child's life has influence over the others.  I know that when one area is off, the rest are often affected.  I look at the big picture, while also addressing and acknowledging the smaller snapshots that influence the lives of our children and teenagers.  I like my children and their families to be active participants and guides in therapeutic goals in each session and I expect full support from them.

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THERAPY... MY PRACTICE IS BASED AROUND EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD AND I STRIVE TO MEET EACH CHILD'S NEEDS WITHIN MY SCOPE OF EXPERTISE.  Sometimes that includes talk therapy, but sometimes that means play therapy, or art therapy.  Some children process and open up better if they are being active and we go for a walk or partake in movement exercises while we process.  My greatest goal in therapy is to meet your child where they are and give them the skills necessary to deal with their every day stresses or traumatic, unexpected experiences.  My goal is to get your children to a point where they don't NEED me, but rather they can pull in all the things they have learned from me.  I know that everyone can benefit from therapy to some extent and I model my practice under this impression with your child as my guide.

I created this practice to fill a need; the need of all children to be loved, accepted and supported so that they may be confident, resilient, and capable. 

If you feel like we would be a good fit, please email me at or call (719)359-7309.

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